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Bi-Weekly Flowers Delivered to your door!

  • Our Large-sized Lady, coming to you every other week
  • Arranged in our signature garden-style
  • Floral selections and color stories are always florist's choice and vary by week & season, unless otherwise specifically noted
  • Features a combination of premium blooms and whimsical fillers
  • Arrangements come in various vessels from our collection, which are considered rental items and must be returned upon the following delivery
  • Arrangements are delivered bi-weekly on Monday or Tuesday between 12:00-4:00pm. Arrangements will not be delivered on any major holidays. We reserve the right to move delivery dates forward or back, or skip a week per our schedule & will never charge for weeks we do not deliver. Should we need to move a delivery date or skip, we will notify you at least 24 hours prior. 
  • Minimum subscription of 2 months (4 deliveries) required for subscription pricing - clients will then have the option of renewing or cancelling their subscription
  • Subscriptions will begin the business week following the subscibing date
  • FREE DELIVERY with coupon codes - see delivery & pick-up options below for codes

Camellia Bloom Subscription

PriceFrom $126.00
Price Options
Save 30% when you subscribe for bi-weekly arrangements!
$126.00every 2 weeks for 8 weeks
  • Please remember - your blooms are living and breathing, just like you! To foster their longest and best lives, a little bit of care can go a long way! See below for a few flower tips:

    • Water - we recommend draining & re-filling the water in your vase every day to 2 days and try to clean any fallen leaves or petals out of the basin. Dirty, murky vase water is a breeding ground for bacteria to grow, which greatly shortens your flowers vase life.
    • Storage - we recommend keeping your blooms in a moderately cooled environment and out of any direct sunlight. Double points if you have extra fridge room to store them overnight, when not in use (they love to be cool, but not too cold!).
    • Stems - we recommend trimming .5 - 1" off the bottom of the stem with sharp garden or kitchen shears, held at an angle, and then placing them back in their clean water evey 2-3 days. This will allow them to continue to take up water and prolong their vase life!
  • Delivery:

    • Free Delivery to Orange Beach when you use code "FREETOOB" at checkout
    • Free Delivery to Gulf Shores when you use code "FREETOGS" at checkout
    • Free Delivery to Foley when you use code "FREETOFOLEY" at checkout
    • Delivery areas include: Orange Beach, Perdido Key, Ono Island, Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, and Foley.
    • Deliveries will be made between 12pm-4pm, Monday or Tuesday


    • Free pick-up from our Orange Beach studio. 
    • Pick-up available between 11am-12pm, Monday or Tuesday.
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